International shipment delays during the pandemic.

We here at K.A. injection primarily use USPS to handle our international packages which normally would take 2-3 weeks to most destinations for arrival.

USPS international shipments use passenger flights to ship items, which is normally not a problem, but due to the global Covid pandemic and the travel restrictions that have come with it, passenger flights are severely limited. This has caused packages to be delayed at up to 2 months and longer in some cases.

If your not willing to wait up to 2+ months for your items to arrive, then please contact us for a shipping quote from a a major carrier (UPS) but be advised this will come at a much greater cost to you in the end, but it will ensure your items arrive without delay since UPS has their own planes and do not rely on passenger flights to move their packages.

Canada buyers will only experience a slight delay USPS due to being able to transport packages by land. 

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